Enhancing change leadership and acceptance


WallbreakersTM is a tool used to train implementation of organizational change. It is a captivating simulation game of a change process, which offers managers a safe forum in which they can try out difficult leadership skills. It focuses on how to motivate employees to take part in the desired change, and how different phases of change processes require different forms of leadership.

Wallbreakers improves leaders’ capability to handle the potential pitfalls in change management. It provides concrete tools to address the different stages of the process, to reduce resistance to change, to develop employee engagement and to lower unwanted turnover of key employees.

Objectives & Benefits

For organizations:

  • Increase the success rate of change processes
  • Increase the readiness for change in the entire organisation
  • Focus on the human aspect of change processes
  • Acquire a common language that enables constructive dialogue
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Reduce unwanted employee turnover