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Case Study: Mitsubishi Motors

Case Study: Santander

The Case

Mitsubishi Motors, Japan was facing financial pressure due to the increasingly competitive local retail automotive market. In addition to continuously improving its technology, Mitsubishi is committed to strengthening its quality services.

The Solution

800 newly hired sales representatives used Mitsubishi’s Standard sales training curricula.

800 newly hired salespersons participated in a Japanese edition of Persona’s Persuasive Communicator Workshop, with a special focus on empathy projection.

The training result was observed over a 2-year period.

The Results

Over the next 2 years, those who completed the PC workshop, sold an annual average of 39 more cars per person than the group that participated in traditional training.

Ultimately, understanding how to identify and respond to the needs of others resulted in an extra 31.200 sales per year.

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