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Case Study: Santander

Case Study: Santander

The Case

A division of Banco Santander was consolidating a new organizational structure for all its private banking brands worldwide and Headquarters in Madrid were looking to generate common culture across Spain, UK, USA, Brazil, Switzerland and Italy. At the same time clients developed a deep mistrust of all banks and this was critical for this unit dealing with private investments.

The Solution

The Persona Trust Model, within Persuading & Influencing Others was used to train private bankers in communication skills, empathy and flexibility so these could be applied trans-culturally and sales processes placed client needs and expectations at the center. In 2009 this program was delivered in 7 countries and topped the charts for Banco Santander's L&D programs worldwide.

The Results

Participants everywhere rated the solution as one of the most applicable, realistic and perfectly customized for the achievement of their strategic goals and results.

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