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Case Study: Samsung

Case Study: Samsung

The Case

Samsung Data Systems realized they were competing in a very aggressive and extremely innovative market and the need to maintain / improve their highly competitive and productive organization to sustain growth. They distinguished 8 key management characteristics/ core competencies that would facilitate effective leadership.
Understanding the key management characteristics was the first part of the organization project, Samsung Data Systems needed to teach and train these key characteristics to managers within the organization. The goal was to be one of the world’s top ten IT companies and minimize high turnover rates.

The Solution

Persona’s Persuasive Communicator™, Managing Performance and Creative Decision Making methodologies were implemented .
The Persuasive Communicator™ was used to show managers how to coordinate effectively in their markets.
The Managing Performance training was used to help managers and their teams, be more productive .
The Innovative Decision Making training increased awareness and necessary skills for managers, to monitor and make decisions.

The Results

Ever since the methodologies were implemented, Samsung Data Systems Korea has been able to employ and maintain the highest percentage of internationally certified employees (89%). Samsung reduced employee turnover by 50%. Sales and productivity continue to increase.

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