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Case Study: GSK

Case Study: GSK

The Case

Pharmaceutical giant Glaxo is well-known as the $8.5 billion maker of Zantac, the world's leading selling drug. Glaxo Singapore is now known for something more — an innovative, customer-focused approach for doing business.

Glaxo Singapore faced with increasing competition and possible government regulation, recently sought a proactive way to increase its competitive strength.

The Solution

One of the first actions was to survey Glaxo's customers. Persona conducted a series of focus groups and in-depth interviews, then sent a questionnaire to almost 2.000 Singapore doctors and pharmacists.

While customers were providing information, Glaxo employees were also being surveyed (Organizational Alignment Survey).

Armed with the new data, Glaxo's senior management team redefined the company's mission.

Then middle managers and other staff participated in mini-seminars, during which they used the new data to establish their own priorities and objectives.

The Results

During a company-wide launch event, Glaxo employees agreed they would do things differently and support the new customer-focused priorities.

Comprehensive organizational measures and performance management principles are currently introduced in order to reinforce the changes taking place.

A company task force monitors progress. Their commitment to customers is ongoing therefore the Organizational Alignment Survey will be implemented again, 12 months after conducting the original survey.

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