Team building

Encouraging collaboration, boosting team performance


In teamwork, interpersonal conflict is the single most frequently cited reason for failure to meet deadlines as well as for miscommunication, stress, inefficiency, and low productivity. The key to effective and harmonious teams, durable results, and creative problem solving is TRUST.

Persona GLOBAL’s ® Team Building and Training workshop lays a solid foundation of mutual understanding and Trust through a comprehensive people skill program that helps teams reach their full potential. Team members leave the 16-hour program with an understanding of the strategies that lead to individual achievement and team success and the ability to better understand, respect, and respond to each other’s needs.

Objectives & Benefits

Α high impact workshop that:

  • Builds team spirit
  • Enhances commitment to project goals and vision
  • Provides a foundation to support effective teamwork
  • Reduces interpersonal tension and stress

Program Outline

Establish participants’ case studies

- The difference between describing and judging behavior
- The communication styles & stylistic needs of each style
- Cooperation and conflict among people of different styles

Trust and Empathy

- The Persona Trust Model
- Empathy and practice empathy projection
- See ourselves as others see us

Change and Defensiveness

- The Persona Trust Model
- Empathy and practice empathy projection
- See ourselves as others see us


- Interpersonal flexibility and effective communicator
- Flexibility, self-perception and practice with different style on how to build flexibility


- Learn Persona’s Team Building and Training Process
- Group meeting and practice of the three steps Team Building Process

Added Value Features

01. Self-perception Survey
Participants’ perception of their own communication style.

02. Respondent Survey
Participants receive feedback about how a peer or colleague perceive their Style, Empathy and Flexibility.

03. Gameplan Case Study
Role playing on how the participant communicates with a “real life” difficult person.

All participants acquire Persona’s expert system Gameplanning Software to meet future communication challenges.

Delegates acquire access to the same Persona Global’s Gameplan mobile application software on the iPhone or Android phone.

This cutting edge technology helps users move “beyond sales competency to sales fluency”(greater retention and proficient use of acquired skills).

The app provides business support and reinforcement; it enables delegates to “Prep” themselves just before an important interaction with anyone they need to persuade, influence or motivate.

Participants use this easily accessible learning tool to work prior to the workshop and be well prepared to go deeper into it - the great plus of Blended Learning.

The application runs on all web-enabled platforms (PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones etc). All they will need is a web browser and connection to the internet.

The integration of the e-training increases the skill of the participants and reduces the time required in face-to-face training. It helps to concentrate on discussions and role-plays within the workshop.

Basic Features
  • It provides basic knowledge of nearly every program unit
  • Participants learn at their own pace
  • Modern look & feel makes it fun to use
  • Exercises allow for easy user interaction (text, images and audio)