Chronos, Time Management

Master the elements of success in time management


Faced with accelerating change and new and stronger constraints, time management has benefited from many new tools. But time management is not only about tools: it implies a state of mind, practices and behaviors. It needs therefore a deep transformation of the way to plan and live relationships with others, towards events... and to oneself. Participants will gain knowledge of methods and techniques to manage efficiently their priorities whilst manage their relationships to turn others into allies in time management.

Objectives & Benefits

Participants will:

  • Learn principles and techniques that will help them handle their activities efficiently
  • Manage their relationships and turn others into allies in time management
  • Discover and optimize one's own style of time management and priorities
  • Anticipate events and know how to deal efficiently with emergencies and changes
  • Handle stress and face the growing pressure of the market

Program Outline

The Laws of Time

- Discover the Laws of Time and the key actions and behaviors towards efficient time management

Key Prioritization Techniques

- The ‘small rocks and big rocks’ principle / The key matrix: Important-Urgent
- The theory of cycles: Efficiently manage stress by prioritizing the right tasks
- The GTD (Getting Things Done) method / Put a stop to procrastination

Being Successful by Organizing

- Good practices in managing an inbox
- Efficiently organized workspace (physical and digital)
- Mastering communication tools
- How to change for the long run: motivation and personal discipline

Clarifying the Goals

- Missions and priorities: Harmonizing with the goals and priorities of the organization
- Set goals and objectives / Learn how to identify priorities

Chronostyle: Know Yourself Better to Manage Yourself Better

- Identify your chronostyle
- Efficiently organized workspace (physical and digital)
- The four chronostyles
- Safeguards against personal tendencies harmful to time management

Turn Others into Allies

- Partners in time management: What time allocation?
- Degrees of freedom in the manager/subordinates relationship
- When and how to delegate / Know how to say « no » and how to negotiate a deadline with assertiveness
- Completion of the Individual Action Plan