Amplify your physical and mental resilience


The Resilience workshop is all about the lifelong skills that enable delegates: manage adverse circumstances that create stress, recognize and take advantage of opportunities that may arise, sustain an optimum performance and live a happier life!

It is a self awareness and development program that provides participants with practical skills, tools and techniques to counter stress and fatigue often experienced in times of adversity and change.

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Objectives & Benefits

Enables participants to:

  • Understand what is meant by resilience and how this relates to adverse situations
  • Be aware of the current level of resilience being displayed
  • Explore how taking self-responsibility assists the level of resilience
  • Understand how resilience can lessen negative stress and fatigue resulting in enhancing well being
  • Apply tools and techniques to enhance and sustain resilience during adverse situations

Key Features

The 7 skill sets of resilience in practice
Individual resilience profile and feedback
Practical tools to apply insights in everyday life
Combined with workshop or one to one coaching
Comprehensive participant workbook
Remote delivery via online platforms