“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken”
- Oscar Wilde


This workshop takes directors and managers, with sound marketing knowledge through a detailed analysis of the branding theory and enables them to build a strong brand strategy for their company.

Objectives & Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Gain insights into the various branding concepts and the related business issues
  • Understand the two different branding dimensions and the related brand architectures
  • Gain an understanding of the fundamental steps in creating brand experiences
  • Understand the steps for the strategic brand positioning of products & services
  • Analyze and build the branding strategy of their company’s products & services

Workshop Outline

DURATION: 8 hours
Brand Considerations

- Brand - Branding
- History of branding
- Brand Name
- Brand Equity
- Brand Identity

Brand Loyalty
Why Branding
Corporate vs Product Branding
Brand Architecture

- House of Brands
- Branded House
- Stand Alone Brand
- Monolithic or Umbrella Brand
- Dual or Enhanced Brand

The Private Brands
Brand vs Line Extension
Brand Inertia
Customer Switch
Brand Experience

- Awareness
- Recognition
- Trial
- Preference
- Loyalty

Brand Strategy