Marketing Essentials

"Don't find customers for your products,
find products for your customers"
- Seth Godin


This workshop takes employees and professionals with little or no prior marketing knowledge, through the basic principles and enables them to understand their company’s marketing needs.

Objectives & Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Obtain a basic grasp of fundamental marketing principles, key concepts and terminology
  • Recognise the role and function of marketing within an organisation
  • Understand the wide application of the marketing concept in todays business world
  • Gain insights into the basic industry principles
  • Understand the essential customer concepts
  • Get familiar with the fundamental components of the marketing mix (4Ps)
  • Relate marketing principles to their specific area of responsibility and industry

Workshop Outline

DURATION: 8 hours
What is Marketing
Marketing Myths & Sins
Marketing Concept & Evolution
Marketing Orientation Role & Function

- Product
- Production
- Sales
- Customer
- Competition
- 360 Marketing

Marketing Myopia
Marketing Environment
The Marketing Mix

- Product
- Price
- Place
- Promotion


- Internal / External
- Consumer / Customer
- Current / Potential
- B2B, B2C
- Buyers’ Decision Process
- Adoption Process

Industry Life Cycle