Services Marketing & Customer Service

“Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence
but in constant improvement”
- Tom Peters


This workshop takes employees and professionals with little or no prior knowledge about customer service and services marketing, through the basic principles and enables them to understand and analyze their company's customer service programs.

Objectives & Benefits

Participants will be able to:

  • Grasp on the differences that exist between product and service marketing
  • Gain insights into the additional 3Ps and relate them to the services differences
  • Understand the Service Continuum and the related business issues
  • Understand the aspects of managing customers’ expectations
  • Gain insights into the levels and factors affecting the customer service quality

Workshop Outline

DURATION: 8 hours
What Do Customers Buy
Product / Service Levels
Product / Service Differences

- Intangibility
- Inseparability
- Variability
- Perishability

The 3 Ps of Services

- People
- Physical Evidence (Proof)
- Processes

The Service Continuum

- Product
- Product with Service supplement
- Hybrids
- Services with Product supplement
- Service

Customer Service Expectations
Customer Service Quality

- Quality Definition
- Levels of Service Quality
- Service Quality Factors

Improving the Customer Service
The Gaps in Customer Service
Complaints Handling
From Customer Service to Customer Experience