Sales Competency Assessment

Master the sales process


Based on extensive research by top industry experts, SCA quantitatively measures the skills and competencies of sales professionals in 13 key areas critical to their job performance. SCA enables managers to pinpoint each salesperson's strengths and weaknesses, therefore provide personalized coaching and mentoring based on his/her specific needs. By allowing managers and salespeople to share their perceptions about key sales factors, SCA provides a system that fosters mutual understanding and support within a sales organization that is crucial to building a strong sales team.

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Objectives & Benefits

Enables Companies to:

  • Focus on observable performance factors that can optimize existing skills of their sales force
  • Measure the results of training programs that are already in place
  • Analyze and identify the training needs of their sales force
  • Provide personalized coaching to salespeople based on their level of skills and competencies

The assessment methodology

Recording and analysis of salesperson’s professional knowledge and skills
Measuring the results of pre-existing training programs
Analysis and identification of salesperson’s improvement areas
Provide personalized guidance based on their skills / competencies
Build constructive communication between management and salesforce
Avoiding subjective evaluations
Creating a corporate sales strategy, goals and actions
Creating clear performance metrics
Use of indicators to optimize salesperson’s skills