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Who we are

Persona GLOBAL®Greece is the branded house for Greece and Cyprus and part of the worldwide network of Persona GLOBAL® Inc.

Our experienced consultants and business trainers, specialize on the development of both people and organizations. All Persona’s programs are locally and industry adapted to ensure cultural acceptance. The practical and flexible methodologies we use and the tools offered, allow to achieve the intended results.

Our solutions are tailored, focused on processes and adjusted to the real needs of organizations who want to meet business challenges of the 21st century.

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What we do

Persona GLOBAL® Greece is focused on helping customers attain ambitious business goals, inspire and implement bold changes and ensure corporate strategic alignment, through a variety of diagnostic and developmental solutions in the following key areas:


Every business professional should invest in learning how to communicate more effectively. We offer a targeted range of communication workshops, designed for various business situations.
Learn more about our targeted communication workshops.


No matter what the industry, what worked well a few years ago isn't good enough today. This is no time for trial and error; this is a time to sell.
Learn more about the tailored sales workshops we offer.


Modern business is complex and highly competitive. Effective managers have to be trained to stay current with organizational changes and demands.
Learn more about our high-impact management workshops.


Effective marketing training ensures that a company has an up-to-date expertise in creating brand awareness, increasing sales and delivering superior customer experiences.
Learn more about the specific marketing workshops we offer.

Happy Clients Around The World

“ The Persuasive Communicator Program is an excellent work tool and its applicability to the Sales Force makes a positive impact and also plays a decisive role in the results. This is a fantastic technique that promotes a positive behavior change in the way of performance of the Sales Force. ”

Sales Training Manager, Danone Medical Nutrition

“ The Persuasive Communicator from Persona Global is a complete methodology. We have used it in training our team leaders in order to become better skilled for their people. Everybody expressed satisfaction about the feedback report, about the training methodology and insights. ”

HR Head, Siemens

“ Persuasive Communicator gave us an insight about our individual flexibility and about the level of empathy that we have. We will use it again on different employees and I am sure the results and their feedback will be as positive as it was for the management team. ”

Telesales Management Lead, Microsoft

“ It prepared me very well for real situations. Also in terms of applicability, I find it a positive fact that you can use it in a wide range within the organization. I believe that these days without proper communication skills there is no leadership function or job that you can fulfill properly. ”

Finance Director, Unilever

“ This selling program has given us a means to precisely identify the shortcomings of our sales force. It is a cost effective tool and a good investment in our sales force. ”

Training Director, Xerox

“ The program helped to clear the air so we could proceed with necessary changes in strategies and practices that reflect the basic values of our company. ”

CEO, Hewlett Packard

“ I’ve been in the training industry for 20 years and I’m convinced this is the best program I’ve ever seen. ”

Director of Training for Operations, Alcatel

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