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Case Study: Kraft

Case Study: Kraft

The Case

Kraft Europe wanted to implement a SAP R3 Information System in 18 European countries. The project implementation would start in France, with the participation of designated project managers coming from all the 18 countries involved. The problems they faced were:

- How could Kraft ensure that the designated Project Managers would share the same methodology & tools?
- How should Project managers handle locally potential change resistance from users and their managers?
- How could they become a solid winning team?

The Solution

Over a three day course, the team participated in Persona's Project Management 360° workshop and all project managers constructed their own individual action plans.

The Results

The validation phase of the new system implementation ended on time.

An internal survey demonstrated that the level of adhesion for this project was one of the highest obtained.

The French business process model was selected as the main process model for other European countries.

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